how to use flexi credit on palmpay

         How To Use Flexi Credit On Palmpay

Flex credit

In this article , I will be guiding you on how to use Flexi credit on palmpay to purchase VTU (Virtual Top Up) and withdrawal transfer to other banks even though you have your QR card available to be used. 

Flexi Credit is a loan integrated by ROCKIT Investment which allows users that uses the application to have opportunity to borrow loan for 1-2 months with 0.30% interest rate, you also have the ability and the eligibility to pay it at any time from #100 till you are able to complete the money within the time frame. Let me start by showing you how to activate the Flexi credit on your palmpay application

               How To Activate Flexi Cash On Palmpay  

To activate flexi credit on your palmpay account you need to meet the following requirements;
  • Be an active user
  • Have Good Credit Score
  • Be an active OK card user
  • At least 3 months of Using the account

If after meeting the requirements above then you can easily  go ahead and get your Flexi Credit activated by following the guidelines below;

  1. Login to your Palmpay account
  2. click on "Finance" on the homepage
  3. Click on "Get Flexi Credit Limit"
  4. Click on " I agree" to accept authorization of system
  5. Fill in your basic information and address
  6. Activate the Face recognition
  7. Your credit score will be automated and calculated
  8. Your result will be shown to you

                How To Use Flexi Cash On Palmpay

After your credit score has been calculated , then you need to know how to use the flexi credit for series of transactions be it Transfer, airtime, utility bills and others  in the application 

Once you have been approved to use the Flexi credit , then follow the procedure below to use it and apply for the loan
Flexi cash image

  1. Login to your application
  2. click on Finance
  3. Click on "Flexi Cash
  4. Your approved amount will be shown
  5. Enter the amount you want to borrow
  6. 0.30- 0.60%  interest will be added to the capital
  7. review the amount you want to borrow
  8. Click on Submit
  9. The amount you borrowed will be disbursed into your account

             What To Do If your Flexi Cash Is not Approved

If your flexi cash is not approved, don't be worried , it most likely means you are still new to the application, try and use the app frequently on a daily basis for like a month then retry the loan application after keeping a good credit score.

The more you use the application for VTU transactions the more and likely you will be approved for flexi cash Loan

            What is the Interest rate on Flexi Cash 

The interest rate on Flexi cash is 0.60% as a beginner ,meaning once you are just approved the interest rate will be 0.60% but as times goes on when you keep on repaying your loans , it will be reduce to 0.30%.

            What is Credit Limit of Flex Cash?

    The limit of Flex Cash on Palmpay is #150,000 as at May 2023, this article will be update once there is increase in the limit 


  1. Please I want you to cease from harrasing me for a loan I have paid in excess of 367.50. I got a call from your office demanding for 800.00 balance from 1,000 (One Thousand Naira Only) I sent 167.50 which you deducted immediately plus the initial 200. Last week I sent 1,000 for you to deduct the balance, only for you to take the whole one thousand Naira. In all you have deducted 1,367.50 from my account for a dubious loan of 1,00.00. please check your record.
    I demand an apology from you.

  2. It is 1.2% not 0.6% try to be honest... Nobody even gives 0.3%

    1. This issue of embarrassment and harassment has been an issue i will like you to tackle, my money will be deducted from my main account and be deposited in my flexi account, most of the time i will not use it and after some time the money will disappear from my flexi account. You guys still have the audacity to still call me and ask for an outstanding loan, when and where did i borrow any loan from you


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