Nigeria Universities CGPA calculator (5.0 grading system)

CGPA Calculator

Universities CGPA Calculator Precautions

  • Input accurately: Double-check course codes, units, and grades for accuracy.
  • Know your grading system: Ensure it aligns with your institution's scale.
  • Use correct grade format: Stick to standard grading symbols (e.g., "A", "B+", "C-").
  • Verify course units: Ensure correct credit weights for accurate CGPA.
  • Review all inputs: Check each course's details before calculating.
  • Understand grade points: Know the grade point equivalents used in the calculator.
  • Handle edge cases: Avoid non-numeric or negative inputs for units/grades.
  • Be consistent: Use a uniform grading scale throughout the calculation.
  • Clear before reuse: Reset the calculator before starting a new calculation.
  • Double-check results: Confirm displayed CGPA and class match your expectations.


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